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Makerere Women Development Association while working with the urban poor women living in the slums of Kawempe Division has witnessed a number of challenges in terms supporting these women to sustain their lives and their respective families. Therefore, MAWDA found it necessary to come with intervention geared towards empowering these vulnerable women (especially single mothers) with knowledge and skills in income generating activities which aim at improving the incomes of these women for self sustenance. To achieve this, MAWDA has conducted trainings in Income Generating Activities like; Liquid Soap making, Mushroom growing, Handcraft making, and business management skills. During the year 2015 at least 30 women and girls are reported to have benefited from the implementation of the economic empowerment.


To support the marketing of the products produced by the poor women, MAWDA has established a shop at its offices which normally does an exhibition every Saturday of the week, which gives chance to the poor women to sale their products.